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About In The Pink Cleaning
We LOVE to clean. That's how all the staff at ITP get started. It's therapy, a passion, it's a plain old obsession! Each staff member has to pass our rigorous training program (and by rigorous, we mean, making cleaning fun, interesting, and educational). 

Each staff member is trained to clean with the same routine each time we clean. In addition, all staff members have to pass 4 verbal and written tests to finish training. When staff members exhibit strong leadership skills, they advance to become a supervisor. Supervisors need to be efficient, organized and quick problem solvers. Each clean we book has a supervisor there on the job. We clean in teams of 2 or 3 people to ensure nothing gets missed.  Meet some of our staff:
Erin, Founder, Cleaning since 1991, at ITP since 1991. 
Obsessive about: Straight rugs
Favorite thing to clean: Bathrooms
Angie, General Manager, Cleaning since 1994, at ITP since 2010.
Obessive about: Straightening
Favorite thing to clean: Showers
Chantel, Supervisor/Trainer, Cleaning since 2013, at ITP since 2013
Obsessive about: Straight Pillows
Favorite thing to clean: Floors
Gina, Supervisor/Trainer, Cleaning since 2010, at ITP since 2012.
Obessive about: Toilets
Favorite thing to clean: Floors
Vanessa, Office Manager, Cleaning since 2010, at ITP since 2014
Obsessive about : Glass Shower Doors
Favorite thing to clean: Showers
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